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Bressie – I'll pick songs to suit my acts, not just chart hits


Blasted: Judge Jamelia criticised Bressie's song choices

Blasted: Judge Jamelia criticised Bressie's song choices

Blasted: Judge Jamelia criticised Bressie's song choices

VOICE of Ireland star Bressie has vowed not to make his acts sound like "robots" even if the public are unhappy with his song choices.

The Mullingar mentor is no stranger to criticism for his obscure choice of songs on the RTE music show.

He was criticised last year for picking tunes unfamiliar to a lot of the voting public and on occasion the acts themselves, and the issue of his questionable song choices has raised its head again this year.

Last week, Bressie was blasted for his song choices by fellow judge Jamelia during the intense Battle round.

However, the 33-year-old said he is sticking to his guns and has slammed the use of so much chart music on the singing programme.

"I don't pick those types of songs because they are just so production led, they are not melody led and they don't show off your vocal, unless you want your singers to sound like robots," Bressie told the Herald. "There are a few brilliant songs out there, but if they don't suit my singer, I don't care. If the public turn on me because it is a bad song choice, I'll take that."

Bressie said that while they may not be as well known, classically written songs will stand better to his acts, once they are performed well.

"People want to hear top 40 billboard songs and if it's not in that it's a crap song and they don't want to know. There's a reason people are still listening to Kate Bush years later and they are not listening to Ja Rule."

The former rugby player was successful on the first series of the Voice when crooner Pat Byrne scooped the show crown along with a record deal, but he had less success last year.

Bressie, who is dating model Roz Purcell, said that his acts are different and better than ever this year.

"My team seem to be really easy to work with this year," the singer/songwriter told the Herald. "They have vey strong ideas and they are different, which is always good."