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Breaking boundaries

Nurse Jackie

BBC2, 11.20pm Jackie (below) is in bad form this week. Apparently, Eddie is to blame, as his blossoming friendship with Kevin has been growing stronger in recent times, much to her annoyance. She asks Eddie to stop spending so much time with his pal.

LOVE life

The Tudors BBC2, 10.30pm


Ant & Dec's Push The Button

TV3, 7.30pm, UTV, 7.30pm There's double trouble as hosts Ant and Dec try to help two teams cling on to as much of their allocated £100,000 as possible.

Neither side holds back as both families ferociously slug it out through a series of full-on encounters laced with the usual entertainment.

on the wad


BBC1, 9.10pm Nurse Kirsty faces unwelcome enquiries from the police who are investigating Warren's accident. She asks Adam to lie to the boys in blue, telling him not to mention that her recently deceased husband was a violent brute who used to beat her. Meanwhile, Jay has a medical emergency of his own when he discovers a testicular lump.