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Breaking Bad star bugged by catchphrase

HIS fans love him for his TV catchphrase "b***h" in Breaking Bad, and American actor Aaron Paul admitted he is asked to repeat it all the time – even by a 90-year-old woman.

The 34-year-old, who played crystal meth addict and dealer Jesse Pinkman in the hit series, revealed on the Graham Norton Show last night that people shout the term at him in the street.

The actor was joined on the red couch by Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who has just returned from the 50 Shades of Grey set in Vancouver, as well as supermodel Naomi Campbell and presenters Ant and Dec.

In the season finale of the award-winning chat show, Paul said he is regularly cornered about his catchphrase.

"I get called 'b***h' every day and people ask me to call them it," he said. "The other day a grandmother who had to be pushing 90 asked me and I did. It felt so wrong and yet so right."

The cult-viewing TV phenomenon ended last year after its fifth series.

Paul was in the UK yesterday to promote new film Need For Speed.

Meanwhile, Dornan kicked off filming for the second season of BBC and RTE co-production The Fall this week.

And he said he finds it difficult to get into the mind of his serial killer character Paul Spector, who goes on killing sprees of young women after kissing his family goodnight.

"It's a brutal head space to maintain," he said. "It's not healthy, so I made a point of getting out of character – I definitely didn't want to take him home," Dornan admitted.

"I was doing the creepiest things imaginable so I kept apologising to the female victims.

"It wasn't easy for them, and I was very aware of how hard it was, so I kept saying sorry during horrible scenes."

Filming for the next series of The Fall, which has earned Dornan an IFTA nomination, will take place over the next four months.