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Boom-to-bust years grip TV 'Reeling' fans

THE LATEST series of Reeling In The Years has made a hit out of Ireland's boom-to-bust decade.

The much-loved RTE show has topped the broadcaster's ratings list once again, with nearly half a million viewers tuning in to each episode.

"The new series is doing extremely well," an RTE spokesperson told the Herald.

"To date two episodes have aired (2000 and 2001) with 2002 set to run this Sunday on RTE One at 7.30pm.

"The new series is attracting close to half-a-million viewers each week, with programmes 2000 and 2001 receiving average audiences of 476,000 viewers each, making them the third most-watched programme across all channels on the day.

"Reeling In The Years continues to be a massive ratings winner for RTE and a huge favourite with Irish viewers," she added.

RTE had put the making of the fifth series on hold because of budgetary restraints.

"We would love to produce another series, however the current budgetary constraints in RTE programming are limiting all aspects of production," an RTE spokesperson had said at the time

But TV bosses eventually gave the go-ahead at the start of 2010 and it took nearly a year for it to be ready to air.


An RTE spokesperson told the Herald: "We've been working on it for months and months, there were hundreds and hundreds of different footage reels to go through for it. It's a huge undertaking."

The first episode of the Noughties showed scenes of panic about Y2K, when citizens all over the world celebrated the new millennium by panicking that a computer bug would send us back to the Stone Age.

Meanwhile, subsequent episodes of the fifth series looked at the 9/11 attacks and the international response they engendered.

Other events covered include the battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, but also the 'War of Saipan, when Irish captain Roy Keane fell out with manager Mick McCarthy, and left the World Cup training camp.

On a lighter side, the show also follows Nadine Coyle's rise to fame with Girls Aloud.