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Becks watch fashion fix it's a laugh flames of war

UTV, 7.30pm

This should prove to be an epic second-leg encounter as Manchester United host AC Milan at the Theatre of Dreams. The Red Devils hold a 3-2 lead, and despite all the hype, David Beckham's contribution for Milan three weeks ago failed to meet expectations.

Should he feature tonight, this will be Beckham's first competitive match at Old Trafford since his departure form Fergie's fold seven years ago. Home advantage and a certain Wayne Rooney make United firm favourites to storm through to the quarter-finals.

fashion fix

RTE1, 8pm

A new series with hosts Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney. Ever since losing a parent and becoming a mother, 36-year-old stay-at-home mum Pearl Barnes has completely lost her fashion mojo. She's given a top-to-toe makeover which provides her with a much-needed boost in the style stakes.

it's a laugh

BBC2, 11.50pm

Here's an interesting twist on the tried and tested panel show formula. Hosted by David Mitchell, three famous faces have been locked away for a week without any contact with the outside world. Tonight, they emerge from hiding and must decide whether the news stories they're shown are real or fake. Expect laughs a plenty.

flames of war

RTE1, 9.35pm

Keira Knightley and James McAvoy star as lovers whose relationship is shattered by lies, jealousy and the onset of the Second World War. Our own Saoirse Ronan plays Knightley's spiteful younger sister who accuses McAvoy of a crime he did not commit.