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BB house gets new trio of hopefuls

Three new contestants are due to land in the Big Brother house tonight -- two of whom are already familiar faces to the housemates.

Newcomers Andrew, Keeley and Rachel will join the show after dropping in from a "spaceship", according to show bosses.

And all but Andrew -- a student -- are already known to the contestants as they were on hand at the series launch night but left disappointed when they were not chosen.

When the final series began a month ago, producers gathered 81 hopefuls who were told on the night whether they had been successful.

Since then travel agent Keeley and airline stewardess Rachel have been living their lives as normal but were contacted earlier this week and told they were to join the series.

Each of them will be free to win the show but must not let on how the outside world views the current batch of residents.

The first that housemates will know of the fresh intake will be when the house's fairground dummy, Bob Righter, tells them "Look to the skies", shortly before the arrivals.

Housemates have been speculating about newcomers, and requested Big Brother to send in a handsome man.

John James and Nathan are up for eviction this week.