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Back to school for John

Damien reconciles with Suzanne, but their peace is brief when he learns she has been manipulating him. Meanwhile, Robert asks Cleo to try living with him for a while, and Dean discovers the identity of Tracey's betrayer.

Damien demands Suzanne get the money back from the bank to pay Charlie, Barry receives a nasty surprise in the post, and Robert and Cleo decide to sleep in separate beds after they move in together. Elsewhere, Dermot tries to cut Kylie's hours to save money but she blackmails him.

George refuses Peter's demand for Simon's return until he sees proof he is fit to care for him. News that the police are releasing Joe's body dampens speculation about Gail's arrest as Tina joins her to plan the funeral. Trevor discovers Carla is not Underworld's cleaner, while Nick returns intent on buying a share of the business.

The police are called as Peter confronts George over Simon's whereabouts and the argument ends in violence.

Gail begins to feel her nightmare will never end as detectives learn more about her tempestuous relationship with Joe, Nick turns on the charm with Kelly, and John makes secret plans to return to teaching.

Jason is surprised when Tadhg offers him the chance to manage the undertaking business, while Brid visits Johnny to discuss the divorce settlement, only to end up kissing him.

Having set her sights on Max, Becca puts her plan into action by letting herself into his house and waiting for him to return.

Meanwhile, Billie's old friends seem intent on getting to know Whitney, Ian is aghast when he hears about Lucy's plans for her baby, and Carol hosts a disastrous dinner party.

The Mitchells hold a music night at the Vic to attract younger customers, but Billie's old friends Kylie and Connor spoil the occasion.

Peggy is called to the police station to pick up a bruised and battered Danny and Ian warms to the idea of raising Lucy's baby, while Bianca is horrified to hear about Liam's prospective school.

Holly gives Aaron the cold shoulder and confides in Adam that she is going to dump him, and Andy tells Debbie she is not taking Sarah away from him if she decides to leave. Meanwhile, Gennie thanks Bob again for the lottery money and offers to take him and Viv out for dinner.

Eli invites Aaron out in an effort to take his mind off Holly, but abandons him after getting fed up with his aggressive behaviour. Elsewhere, Maisie is grateful for the warm welcome when she returns to work, and Debbie manages to get her parents together -- but struggles to tell them she is leaving.

Gilly returns to the village, and suggests that Josh change his plea to not guilty ahead of his court case. Meanwhile, Steph is elated by her globe-trotting sweetheart's return, but the arrival of a mysterious stranger puts an end to her hopes of finally declaring her love for him.

Rhys worries about the repercussions of Josh's decision to change his plea ahead of his court appearance, and Darren persuades Steph to fight for Gilly's affections.

Meanwhile, Ste is crestfallen when Amy tells him she thinks they should see other people, despite the progress they have made as parents.