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Back from the dead... Decco stuns Vivienne in Fair City knife drama

An injured Decco staggers back to his mother Vivienne's home in Carrigstown after he is stabbed.

His mother feared the worst for her missing son after Detective Deegan informed the family on Sunday night that a body had been found, which they believed to be Decco's.

The garda told the family the body was unrecognisable -- but when he revealed the victim had a number of tattoos, the family asked the officer to bring photographs of the body art to their home.

Vivienne and her other son Zumo prepare for the worst -- only for Decco to stagger home injured while Zumo decides to see the body for himself in the morgue.


Upon opening her front door, Vivienne is confronted by an injured Decco, who collapses and asks his mother or help.

He reveals a stab wound but refuses to say what has happened. A fearful Vivienne rushes off to the surgery to steal medication for him when he refuses to go to the hospital.

Zumo arrives a short while later and is shocked when he sees Decco and attacks him for putting them through unnecessary grief.

He insists that younger sister Charlotte, who is battling cancer, stays with grandmother Eileen for safe keeping and Decco leaves before night fall.

Vivienne ensures that a weak and vulnerable Decco stays the night with her. He later breaks down to his mum, telling her he is scared for his life.

"For Decco to turn to his mother shows how frightened he is," said David O'Sullivan, who plays Decco.

"He obviously has no one else who will help him and feels that Vivienne is the only person he can trust in this situation.

"Decco has hated Vivienne since she returned to Carrigstown. He blames her for a lot of things that have happened to him in the past. But when the going gets tough it seems that his mum is the person he needs to most.

"Who knows maybe this is the beginning of something special between Decco and Vivienne. But his reappearance into her life may also spell trouble for her."

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