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Author's friends accuse RTE of Late Late snub due to petty rivalry with TV3

RTE deliberately snubbed a TV3 journalist on the Late Late Show because she works for a rival station, it has been suggested.

Jenny McCudden, Western Correspondent for TV3 News, was in the audience of the Late Late Show two weeks ago to help promote her first book, Impact: The Human Stories Behind Ireland's Road Tragedies. The Galway-based journalist is currently working alongside Late Late veteran Gay Byrne in an upcoming TV3 documentary.

After interviewing former politician Jim McDaid about his own history with drink driving, host Ryan Tubridy mentioned McCudden's name as author of the book -- but did not speak to her directly on the show.

And several of the blonde beauty's friends and colleagues have suggested that she was purposely snubbed from getting any first-hand coverage because she works for the state broadcaster's main rival.

"I never personally suggested that it was a snub, several friends and colleagues did say that it was possibly because I work for a rival television station," Ms McCudden said.

"I don't know the reason to be honest. Ryan Tubridy did his best to promote the book -- obviously not mentioning the upcoming TV3 documentary -- but he mentioned my name, the book's name and the publishers at least three times. I have no issues with Ryan.

"The aim of the book is to save lives, which is much more important in the bigger picture. It was suggested that it was pettiness on RTE's part, but I'm not saying that's what they did," the journalist added.

Meanwhile, the TV reporter explained that it was the gritty nature of her work that enticed her to write the book.

"It tells the human story behind the shocking statistics of road deaths. I've been working as a correspondent for TV3 for the past number of years and I come across road fatalities far too regularly. It's in the nature of my job to be at the scene of horrible smashes, often soon after they've happened."