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At Your Service star Francis Brennan: 'I'm not gay, I'm asexual and sex doesn't interest me'


Francis Brennan

Francis Brennan

Francis Brennan

Celebrity hotelier Francis Brennan has responded to speculation over his sexuality, revealing that he is 'asexual'.

The At Your Service star (61) admitted he is regularly asked whether he is gay or not, but said he doesn't have sexual feelings for either men or women as sex "doesn't interest him".

"I've never lusted after anyone. I suppose I'm what you would call asexual," he said.

"I'm always too tired anyway. So forget that. [Sex] doesn't interest me at all."

Although an intimate relationship is the last thing on Francis's mind, the larger-than-life hotelier said he has had plenty of unwanted male attention when he's out and about.

"Well, everyone is always probing [whether I'm gay or not]. When you're 61 and unmarried there are assumptions made," he said.

"I would have had [men] coming on, not in my youth, but as an adult. Nothing too heavy. A wink and a nod."

Francis also leads a clean lifestyle.

He has never drank alcohol, doesn't eat junk food and says he has 'no vices' - although the Kenmare Park Hotel owner believes he could potentially have a "weakness" for gambling, but has never acted on it.

"I don't eat chocolate at home at night or anything like that. I never buy them at the cinema either because I don't like that munching sound," he said.

"I think I probably have a weakness for gambling but I never did it. When I was a child we used to go out to Bray and it might be a sunny day and I had no interest in the beach, I only wanted to go into the slot machines.

"So I think I might have a bit of a weakness for gambling and that's why I've been in Las Vegas a hundred times but I haven't gambled once," he added.


The Dublin native also revealed he originally planned to retire in his 50s and lead a comfortable lifestyle after three decades in the hotel business, but has had to continue working into his sixties after some unsuccessful investments.

"I planned on a Westbury retirement, a five-star retirement, where if, say I went to New York, I'd fly business class. That's all gone now, my money is all gone, every penny of it is gone," he said.

"I spread my investments, I would have thought I was very clever.

"If I'd taken all that money and instead of investing it just put it in a bucket under the bed I'd be swinging now."

While his business career has hit a few bumps in recent years, Francis has become an unlikely TV star in recent years thanks to his eccentric presenting style and he recently revealed he has been in LA for talks regarding his own US show.

"I've had two gos with [producers] already in LA and they are very keen. I'm doing a promo on weddings, because I have all sorts of mad things to say about them," he said.

"I don't know what their idea [for the show] is, but it's exciting - I have a possibility of going to America and, if it never happens, do I care? Not one single bit."