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Aslan's Billy won't sue, but he wants Louis apology for Eurosong remarks

EUROSONG mentor Billy McGuinness has withdrawn his threat to sue music mogul Louis Walsh – but wants an apology from the X Factor judge.

Walsh (60) said live on air during Friday's Late Late Show that he thought the Aslan guitarist was "on something" after McGuinness (53) criticised him for his involvement in the Eurosong competition.


McGuinness claimed Walsh could manipulate the public text vote by getting celebrities to show their support for runner-up Eoghan Quigg and winning act Kasey Smith.

"I don't know what Billy is on, but he is on something, and it's not a good thing," former Westlife manager Walsh responded during the eventful show.

While he was furious about the comments, Dubliner McGuinness told the Herald that he does not plan to take legal action against the pop svengali.

"No, I'm not suing, I'm not going to go down that road," he said.

"An apology would suffice and it would be a nice thing for him to do.

"We always say things in the heat of the moment and he shouldn't have said it, but comments aside, it was just drama on the night.

"There were people saying I went around the dressing room with cans of beer, but that's nonsense.

"I didn't have a drop of alcohol until after Laura's performance because I wanted to be clear-headed."

Walsh declined to comment when contacted by the Herald last night.


McGuinness said that he still wants Walsh, as well as Linda Martin, to be removed from the expert panel.

He claims they have too much influence over which act can win.

"If you look at Louis and Linda's comments about the two acts, Eoghan Quigg and Kasey Smith, they got the most praise and then Kasey went on to win," he said.