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'Asking me I'm going to have a baby is just rude,' reveals Sinead Kennedy


Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy

Presenter Sinead Kennedy says she finds it "rude" when people ask her if she's going to have a baby.

The Winning Streak star married her long-term love Conor Kirwan in Kerry last year and has been quizzed about starting a family ever since.

"I'm married nearly a year now and everyone asks the baby question," she told the Herald.

"I find it weird to be honest and really rude when people ask.

"It's unfortunately what you get asked as a woman in this job.

"If I was having a baby I wouldn't tell anyone about it anyway," she said.

"I was engaged for months before talking about it or letting people know.

"I'm not planning and have no intention for a while," she added.

Still firmly in the honeymoon period, they're planning on marking their first year as a married couple with a trip away at the end of the year.

"I've got friends visiting next month so we're entertaining them, but we're planning a fabulous holiday for Christmas time instead," she said.


Conor is in the Navy and the couple have also just recently moved in together.

"We've been together for 10 years and we're living together now, finally," she said.

The Cork native is set to front a new Reality Bites series about tattoo culture in Ireland, called Skin Deep, and gets inked on screen as part of the show.

"I love tattoos, I'm obsessed with them and follow every tattoo artist online," she said.

"I get a tattoo on screen, but that's not the focus of the show.

"The programme is not about me at all, I'm just facilitating the story," she added.

Winning Streak is back on Saturday nights for the rest of the year and the 31-year-old says she's enjoying working across both channels.

"It's great to get the opportunity to actually make something that I really am passionate about," she said.