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Anton Savage 'delighted' to take over Ray D'Arcy's slot on Today FM


Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Anton Savage will take over Ray D’Arcy’s mid-morning slot on Today FM. SEE PAGES 14 & 15

D’Arcy’s shock departure from the station was announced before Christmas. Ray, his wife Jenny Kelly and producer Will Hanafin have moved to RTE Radio 1 and Ray is poised to take over Derek Mooney’s slot in February.

Speaking of his appointment in the coming weeks, Anton said that it was a “great honour” to pick up the huge audience that Ian Dempsey hands over at 9am.

“I’m delighted to get the gig. The show has been a great one and it occupies a very popular slot – I can’t wait to get stuck in,” he told the Herald.

“Today FM is one of the nicest places to work. There’s a very warm environment and I hope I can make everybody at the station proud.

“We’ll be launching in the coming weeks and we’re now in the process of linking up guests and items.


“I’ve hosted in that time slot before, so I think I’ve a sense of what the listeners want. It’s the start of something new and I have big plans for this show,” he added.

“We want to hold onto as many of the current audience as possible and over time, welcome some new listeners into the Today FM family,” the Herald columnist said.

There has been speculation in recent weeks as to who would take over D’Arcy’s morning slot, but Savage had emerged as a firm favourite in recent days. 

He has previously filled in for D’Arcy and has also covered Matt Cooper’s drive time slot. He has anchored his own  Sunday morning show at the broadcaster since 2011 when he took over from Sam Smith.

Last year, Anton said that his broadcasting career is only a part-time gig and his bread and butter comes from the company he runs with his parents, Tom Savage and Terry Prone, the Communications Clinic.

Regarding his future, he said he would wait to see what’s offered and what opportunities arise.

“But that’s the advantage of having a couple of things going at once – you’re not under pressure to have one that’s permanent and pensionable.

“You just have to hope that they don’t all go bang at the same time,” he said.

His father, Tom Savage, previously worked as chairman of the RTE board.