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Anne – I'm happy in a 'TV-free zone'


Retired: Anne Doyle. Photo: Tony Gavin

Retired: Anne Doyle. Photo: Tony Gavin

Retired: Anne Doyle. Photo: Tony Gavin

SHE made a brief return to television to host a quiz show, but retired broadcaster Anne Doyle has said she is happier being in a "TV-free zone".

The former newsreader told the Herald that after saying her official goodbye to RTE in December 2011, she is not overly keen to get back in front of the cameras.

"I'm in a TV-free zone, I'm pleased to say, and I'm liking that. I've been retired long enough now to be quite used to it and I've started to get used to different things," she said. "A few things have come my way for consideration, but I'm happier the way I am now and what I'm doing in life.

"I'm concentrating on things that interest me at the moment, and a lot of that exists outside the world of media that I found myself in for so long.


"I think that's the real enjoyment of retirement, and that's part of the fun too because you're discovering a new side of yourself."

Wexford native Doyle bowed out of the newsroom after 33 years. While she still gets stopped in the street by fans, she insisted she is making the most of living a "private" life again.

"People haven't totally forgotten about me yet, but they will and that's how it should be," she said.

"It's kind of them who come up to me, that's the nature of things, I suppose, and people are always very polite, but part of the joy of being retired is that you can enjoy being a private person again."

Instead of staying on top of the latest news story, Doyle is spending her time scouring for good holiday deals. Next month she will jet off to Morocco with her long-term partner Dan McGrattan.

"The great thing is that unless you've commitments you can have a look online on any given day and find a good deal to head off somewhere," she said. "Nothing that breaks the bank, but there's so much choice out there and you can just pop off.

"That's a massive plus for me – I love being able to head off. I'm as happy as any human being is likely to be."