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Amanda Byram: 'I wish I had kept up my acting lessons but I thought I was rubbish'


Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram

Presenter turned fitness guru Amanda Byram has revealed she would love to be an actress.

We're used to seeing the Castleknock native on the small screen hosting shows like Total Wipeout but Amanda admitted she has always wanted to act.

The 42-year-old said she wished she'd pursued her childhood dream sooner but would take the opportunity to act now.

"I'm always aiming higher, to my detriment really, I need to learn to enjoy the now and stop obsessing about the future," she said.

"If I had the chance I would definitely want to act. I used to act out scenes from movies in my bedroom as a teenager.

"When I lived in LA, I took acting classes, but because I'm very impatient, I just assumed I was rubbish, so I quit.


"I really wish I had stuck with it, some of my fellow classmates who were equally rubbish, are now really good actors," she added.

However, that's not to say she doesn't love presenting as she says nothing can beat the "buzz" of live TV.

"I love making telly, it really challenges and fulfils me. There is no greater buzz than live television," she said. "You are exposed for all the world to see, warts and all, and there is no turning back.

"But life in front of the camera is really the same as normal life off-camera life.

"Once you wrap, things go on as normal. I took the tube to the Magic Mike XXL premiere the other day in my fancy gown. The word 'fame' is so alien to me. It's just about normal people doing jobs that not everyone can do," she added.

While she is still working on TV and is rumoured to have a show on TV3 in the works, Amanda is currently focusing on her wellness brand, ByramBod.

The brand is a mix of work-out videos, advice, supplements and gym gear and is set to launch next year.

"TV is my first love. I am back and forth to LA and Sydney too, so things are happening everywhere," she told Get the Gloss magazine.

"My new baby though, is ByramBod. Women need to give themselves a break. We try to be everything to everyone. We need to be mindful of our mental health and stop being so hard on ourselves and our bodies," she said.