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After her five flops, brave Helen wins more food in first live bush tucker trial

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star Helen Flanagan called upon her newly found bravery to secure more food for her fellow campers last night when she took part in the first live Bushtucker trial.

The former Coronation Street actress was chosen by the public to face her seventh trial in a row after confronting her fears to secure all 12 stars in Saturday's creepy-crawly fest.

Flanagan, who struggled in her first five jungle trials, had the added pressure of taking on the Bad Day At The Office challenge in front of her fellow camp mates as well as the live cameras.


But the 22-year-old managed to come away with a respectable five stars, despite some disappointed groans from her malnourished companions.

The office-themed challenge first saw the actress type her name, age and occupation in a keyboard that was crawling with green ants.

She completed the task with ease, but then refused to stick her head in a photocopier full of cockroaches to retrieve two stars with her teeth.

Flanagan went on to pull another star from a pot of yabbies before successfully grabbing goodies from a vending machine containing a large python.

Her effort came after she triumphed in Saturday's Deadly Delivery trial, guaranteeing a meal for every one of the famished celebrities.