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New TricksBBC1, 9pm It's far from a fun day out but Sandra (below) and co are at the zoo.

BBC1, 9pm It's far from a fun day out but Sandra (below) and co are at the zoo.

UCOS are investigating the death of a zookeeper called Zac who was mauled by a tiger. But new evidence suggests Zac was already dead before the attack.

Meanwhile, the case brings out a different side to Brian as he talks at length about animal rights.


9/11: Emergency Room CHANNEL 4, 9pm This programme, marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, provides a remarkable insight into those fateful minutes and hours as medics battled furiously to try to save lives.

There are riveting first-hand accounts from doctors, nurses and paramedics who recall their sense of shock as the death toll mounted.


The Rise And Fall Of Fianna Fail

TV3, 10pm They were once the big guns of Irish politics but Fianna Fail is now a shadow of its former self. New leader Micheal Martin faces a huge task in trying to get the party back in favour with the public.

So where did it all go wrong during those heady days under Bertie Ahern's tenure?


Slim Chance: Fix My Family

BBC1, 7.30pm Amanda Hamilton and her team try to talk sense to three families who have completely lost the battle of the bulge. An endless diet of junk food and booze is rapidly taking its toll and drastic action is called for. But while good intentions abound, real willpower seems sadly lacking.