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€250k is still frozen in Lottery ticket row

ONE winner of €250,000 on RTE's Winning Streak has not collected her winnings almost a year on from her win -- because of a dispute over the winning ticket.

Jessica Mulligan, a young Dublin mum who scooped the €250,000 jackpot on RTE's Winning Streak Dream Ticket show is believed to be in a long-running dispute over the ownership of the ticket.

Ms Mulligan won a total of €276,300 after she spun the wheel on the show on March 21, 2009.

But a legal battle is now believed to be in progress. Both parties involved have been recommended to sort out the issue between them, since there's a danger that all the winnings could be wasted on legal fees.

A source close to the National Lottery told the Herald: "The win is sizeable but once they start paying legal fees for the solicitors, the money would deplete substantially. Rather than going to court, it's better for them if they come to an agreement themselves."

It is understood that the National Lottery will hold the winnings, however long it takes for the dispute to be sorted out.

"The money has been won. It's not like there's a ticket out there and we don't know who's going to claim it," says the source.

She added: "The money will be held until they do. It lies in an interest-bearing bank account."

When she appeared on the RTE show last year, Jessica stated that she worked as a cleaner and was studying for her Leaving Cert.

After winning the lowest amount of money among the five players throughout the Saturday night show, Jessica's luck finally changed when she got the chance to spin the wheel.

To her delight, the ball stopped on one of the eight €250,000 slots and the young mother's winnings were bumped up to a total of €276,300. Jessica's family and friends ran over to her, screaming with delight.