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€10k gift for a dream wedding? Well, there's a hitch ...

NOTHING ever comes for free and one Dublin couple are about to learn that first-hand.

Anthony Eames and his fiancee Doireann O'Connor were gifted with a sensational €10,000 wedding, but there's a catch -- the bride is forbidden from organising anything for their big day.

Eames will be put to the ultimate test and is organising everything from the flowers and dinner menu to his bride's dress as part of a one-off documentary for RTE.

Don't Tell The Bride follows the same format as its UK equivalent, but was filmed for a one-off special to give Irish viewers unique insight into the world of weddings.

And Anthony shattered every male stereotype by embracing his more feminine side in order to organise the dream day that his fiancee has always wanted.

The couple have lived together in Donnycarney for the past two years, and had put their wedding plans on hold when they decided to put their money into their dream home.

But they're getting a second chance at their big day thanks to the show.


Dubliner Anthony had to organise every little detail of their wedding within a three week period -- about one year less than the average wedding takes to plan.

While most weddings are organised by the bride and the bride's mother, this clueless groom's only helping hand comes in the form of his best man Shane in Carlow.

And in order to ensure that everything is above board, the couple even sign a contract in the presence of a lawyer where they agree to no communication within the three-week time frame -- and that means no phone calls, no emails and no snail mail.

Doireann even moved out of their home so her fiance wouldn't be tempted to spill the beans.

The show was produced for RTE by Coco Television and has been hailed as the perfect solution to cash-strapped love birds walking down the aisle.

A spokesperson for the production company said earlier this year that they were excited to film because it's such an "unusual concept".


"The groom gets to plan absolutely everything and, as he's given €10,000 to do the whole day, it's perfect for couples who don't have lots of funds for their wedding," she said.

"The couple is separated for three weeks in the run-up to the wedding and have their phones taken away from them so they can't contact each other. The bride can know absolutely nothing about what's happening."