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10 cringeworthy facts from the X-factor

1 COMEDIAN David Walliams spoke for all of us when he teased Louis Walsh backstage. "You did very good tonight. Even though you've got no acts left and there is no point in you being here."

2 Speaking of Louis, does he have any other soundbites besides 'ready-made popstar' and 'next big recording star'? No wonder he mistakenly called Little Mix Little Risk. It seems he isn't pre-programmed to remember the names of the acts as well.

3 Having been floundering in the bottom two for the past few weeks, Misha B needed to win back the audience. Not with her performance, of course. Cue a tearjerking, story about her birth mother leaving her when she was a baby.

4 Dermot O'Leary is looking more and more despondent during the recital of that ridiculous little dance they make him perform. "There's only three more left -- I promise you," he said on Saturday.

5 Amelia Lily is Bryan Adams' lady in blue. When asked who he thought would win, he answered "the girl in the blue dress".

6 Kelly Rowland is beginning to sound like a character from The Colour Purple. "Iz Mizz Uhmeeeeelia Lillay," she sang when announcing Amelia on Saturday.

7 Is it just us, or did Little Mix age by, oh, about four years in one week? They looked more like little minxes during their performance on Saturday.

8 Craig Colton's 'best bits' looked more like a before and after weight-loss advert.

9 With Craig out of the competition, Marcus has monopolised the Liverpool vote. Scousers are such loyal voters that even the lovely Rebecca Ferguson reminded Marcus of it when she was called in to advise him. "You know what we're like," she said. It looks like Marcus has it in the bag.

10 Rihanna seemed a bit dazed and confused after her performance last night. In fact, even her leeriest fan, Mr Dermot O'Leary, seemed eager to usher her off the stage.