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TV dinner tensions soar with MOD's 'mullet' jibe at Shane

TENSIONS are already bubbling over on the latest Celebrity Come Dine With Me, with publisher Michael O'Doherty and rubgy hero Shane Byrne at each other's throats. There could be another 'Winegate' in store on the TV3 show, as things continue to heat up on Ballymount's latest cook-off series.

In last night's episode, viewers saw VIP publisher and Herald columnist O'Doherty poke fun at former rugby star Byrne's mullet-style haircut throughout the meal.

After saying that Shane was "desperate for a drink", MOD slagged off Shane's locks at the dinner table, describing his famous haircut as being like a "gorse bush" of barbed wire, "dragged though a field backwards".

And tonight the sparks are set to fly again, when razor-witted MOD takes a pop at Shane's weight.

Tensions were already building after MOD slagged off Shane's hair but the claws are set to come out further on tonight's episode.

Model Madeleine Mulqueen, who shot to fame when she starred in the video for Rubberbandits' Horse Outside, played host in the opening round of the series last night.

The chatty brunette entertained the group with a tune in between courses and brought in two musicians to play with her as she serenaded the celebs.

But she couldn't stop the two men from enjoying some 'friendly' banter over their chocolate fondant desserts.

Despite MOD's dig, however, Wicklow-based Shane defended himself, saying: "I looked at people like you and said, 'I will never have hair like that' ... At least it's not receding and going grey. The mullet will come back into fashion."

Leggy catwalk queen Pippa O'Connor will cook for the group tonight.

Season one of Celebrity Come Dine With Me Ireland saw singer Brian Kennedy hurl a glass of red wine over journalist Paul Martin.

The five stars, Holly Sweeney, Pippa O'Connor, Michael O'Doherty, Shane Byrne and Madeline Mulqueen, are being judged on their food, entertainment and hosting abilities over the course of the week.