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Tried and tested: Treats for feet

Feet get nasty fairly quickly, which is only understandable and not their fault. We tramp around on them all day long, and, after having been worked so hard, they develop calluses and hard patches out of self defence. Be nice to your feet! Check out the scrubs and moisturisers below, and I can guarantee your feet will thank you.

ÓG IRELAND Peat Foot Mask, €27 * * * * * This is the messiest thing you will ever undertake in your life. The stuff is, not surprisingly, black as pitch, and, once it's on your feet, you have to get it off your hands (I recommend damp paper towels). Then, having sat for ten minutes, you have to get it off your feet, without slipping and falling, and in fact you have to scrub like a lunatic to do this. And you know what? It's totally worth it. I got the softest pair of feet ever.

LIZ EARLE Foot Scrub and Foot Repair Moisturiser, €12/14 * * * * * It's great when the scrub comes with a matching rub. Liz Earle is a natural gal, and both of these are loaded with avocado oil, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. This is a dynamic duo, with a scrub that's not too abrasive, if you've got sensitive feet, and a cream that is cooling and soothing.

MARKS & SPENCER Formula Figure Perfect Sole Scrubber and Sole Quencher, €7/7 * * * Wow, the exfoliating stuff is like pumice stone in a tube! It is really chock full of scrubby bits and really feels like it's doing the business. Which it does, only to be somewhat let down by the foot-cream aspect of this pairing. It just isn't thick enough. Too bad, as the pumice-y bit was really, really good.

Premium Spa Lavender & Peppermint Foot Scrub, €4.99 * * * * Very refreshing and very scrubby -- not as much as the Marks & Sparks, but still effective. The lavender is a nice touch, too. I will say that this brand left the bath very slippy afterwards, so you'll have to be careful, and give the tub a scrub of its own.

WELEDA Foot Balm, €8 * * * * I liked this offering from Weleda, who are all-natural types. This is a stimulating kind of concoction -- it tingles, which is grand if you've got hot, tired feet, say from a long day shopping in town, and it livens your feet up almost on contact. The little quibble I have is that the metal tube makes it difficult to get the product out. This is really annoying when you've got the stuff all over your hands.

All products were tested over the course of four weeks