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Tried and tested: Eye creams

I'm feeling rather energised this new year. Most years, there's a bit of literal and figurative hangover from the holidays: there you are, just getting into the swing of all that free time, and then, boom! Fun time is over and reality is biting once more. Not so this year, and I put it down to the fact that I've been testing these eye creams. Seriously! They've become a welcome part of the daily regime and have improved the area around my eyes, which makes my eyes look all happy and delighted, which is feeding into my general sense of well-being.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal, €65 * * * * If nothing else, Elemis products smell so gorgeous, they improve your mood immediately. I've never been one for aromatherapy, but I can see how it works, particularly when the product that is loaded with the lovely scents is so close to your nose. The texture is as soothing as its scent; it will relax you after having shelled out that much dosh for an eye cream.

GARNIER Ultra-Lift Pro-X Double Action Eye, €9.99 * * This is a double-ended tube: one end for the eyes and the other to treat the dark circles beneath them. I can't say I saw much of a difference, but then, I can't say that I have much in the way of bags under my peepers. The cream lacked richness -- while it went on quickly enough, it didn't seem to have much impact.

LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream, €16.95 * * * * I've become a Lush convert, despite the perkiness of their employees (keep your earphones in when you go into the store and don't make eye contact. It sounds harsh, but you've got to protect yourself from all that egregious good will). Anyway, it's worth braving the pep squad for this one: it is brilliant. You can feel it gently firming up your eyelids and soothing the skin underneath your eyes. I used this morning and night. It is the biz.

BURT'S BEES Radiance Eye Creme, €20 * * * I couldn't get all excited over Burt's offering. It smells fresh and clean, as one would expect given the naturally driven ethos of the company, but the texture of the cream was a bit off: it presented well, but then seemed to lose body and richness when applied. If your eye area is super sensitive, this may be a good choice.

LANCôME Primordiale Yeux Visible Smoothing Renewing Eye Moisturiser, €44 * * * * Lancôme always seems so fancy -- it must be the use of the French language -- and it is undeniably high end; I mean, just look at the price! But it bears repeating: the pricier it is, the less you use, and the longer it lasts. This is such a refreshing blast upon application, you may be tempted to use more than you should, thus not getting your money's worth. Don't! A little dab works really well, even though I'm not sure there's been a visible smoothing of the eye area ... just have to keep applying!

All products were tested over the course of four weeks