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This week's X Factor in 10 points

1 Were the producers being satirical by having Olly Murs share the stage with The Muppets last night? Probably not.

2 Speaking of Olly, where did he get that suspiciously dark tan? A break in the winter sun or a can of St Tropez?

3 A lucky competition winner will scoop a trip to Las Vegas and the chance to "lounge by the pool with Olly and his mates in his luxury cabana". Like that won't be awkward. Is there a cash alternative?

4 All of Amelia Lily's good work was instantly forgotten when she revealed that Kelly Clarkson was her hero on Saturday.

5 The X Factor now even monopolises the programming during the ad break. Not only are the cast providing the soundtrack for the Marks & Spencer Christmas commercial, but now the voice of the show is also the voice for the Happy Feet Two ad.

6 X Factor showed a moment of good taste by choosing Wishing on a Star for the charity single. We must concede that it sounds pretty good.

7 Only, poor Craig didn't look too happy about having to sing a duet with Johnny Robinson.

8 It's one thing to decide to sing Mmmbop, Janet. It's another thing to forget the words, the song being almost nursery rhyme-like in its simplicity. It makes Louis Walsh's unpatriotic decision to send her home marginally more justifiable.

9 Little Mix became very emotional during one of their performances on Saturday. Perfectly fine, only it was the words "We Are Beautiful" that moved them to tears . . .

10 Tulisa had a momentary lapse of sanity on Saturday when she said that Marcus "never asked for the sympathy vote". Er, hasn't he been talking about his single mum's struggle with poverty and breast cancer since the very first programme?