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This week's X Factor in 10 points

1 When you've earned the unfortunate reputation of a bully, it is probably not advisable to style your hair into a rhino horn, Mischa B.

2 Nobody acknowledged Johnny's most licentious double entendre so far, probably because it's a family show: "I really hope Gary is going to get right behind me on this one," he said in the VT ahead of his performance. It was just short of a sly wink.

3 When you are sick you go to bed, not get on a 10-hour flight to LA, Kelly. As for the croaky sick voice when she came on the telephone on Sunday . . .

4 Is Louis going to continue to subject us to Kelly Rowland impersonations? Make him stop, baby girl.

5 Cher Lloyd has managed to get the word swag into a love song. Is she incapable of singing a song that doesn't include the word?

6 Just when we we're getting to really like Tulisa, she goes and launches her own perfume. How long before she starts dating a footballer?

7 Any bit of credibility that Alexandra Burke might have had was wiped out when she concluded her argument with Louis with the words "okay.com".

8 Did anyone else notice that Mischa B took it upon herself to add a final line to the group rendition of Bright Lights? Incorrigible.

9 Can Kitty continue to up the ante after opening her performance on a giant Catherine wheel complete with pyrotechnics? We hope not, for her own safety.

10 The contestants abided by the Halloween theme in typically abstract fashion. Johnny's song included the word 'devil', Craig's song included the word 'fire' and Janet looked like a giant pumpkin.