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Things your favebag says about you

1 if it's flashy with lots of glitzy hardware and branding, you're an ostentatious girl. But beware of your obsession with logos -- designer labels are being knocked off all the time, and, unless your whole look is designer, people may think your beloved bag is a fake.

2 if it's expensive yet without a recognisable label, and people won't immediately know you've dropped hundreds on this groovy piece of leather, then you are pretty confident about your success in life and don't need to show off your dosh.

3 if it's this season's latest fashion or colour, you are a fun and whimsical woman and are often the life and soul of the party. You are never one to shy away from new trends and like to be at the centre of the crowd by having what's new on the fashion rails to go with your fashionable handbag.

4 if it's a plain black zip-up bag which you use regardless of the season or whatever you have on, then you are ultra-practical and have a no-nonsense outlook on life. You're likely to work in an office and are a great team leader as you are all about making a situation work rather than competing to be the alpha female. People come to you for advice -- although not fashion advice.

5 if it's a net bag and you carry your personal items around inside it in a plastic bag along with fruit, newspapers, books and, on occasion, an injured pigeon you have found and hope to make all better again, you are living in a universe where fashion has no meaning.