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The whole of 2fm took a hit, but it had to do that to grow again, says Jen


jennifer maguire

jennifer maguire




jennifer maguire

SHE has just returned from a three-week post-nuptial getaway and newlywed Jennifer Maguire is finding it difficult to settle back to normality.

The RTE presenter married her long-term partner Lau Zamparelli at Castle Leslie last month, celebrating the special day with just 70 of her closest family and friends over a weekend of fun. The Republic of Telly star insisted she was a very laid-back bride on the day and in the end didn't care about how she looked.

"It went by in a blur, but I made hair changes last minute and just didn't care because I only wanted to have fun," she said.

"On the morning I wasn't stressed either, I didn't really give a damn.

"It was the nicest day ever, it was a fantastic."


After flying home following a blissful three weeks on the sandy beaches of the Seychelles, the same exotic location as former Miss World Rosanna Davison and hubby Wes Quirke, Dubliner Jennifer told the Diary she's still adjusting to being back in her regular working routine.

"It's been tough coming back to work and reality because I hadn't been off for three weeks in a row like that for about eight years," she said.

"It's nice to have a break for a bit and take a breather.

"The Seychelles is great obviously, but there's not much to do and I flooded my suite, which everyone knows about now, so that was an embarrassing situation - I didn't even let Lau call the hotel staff to sort it out, so it wasn't too glamorous."

Brunette Jennifer's return to the 2FM studio came just before the latest JNLR listenership figures were released and like their colleagues, Jen's weekday morning programme with pals Bernard O'Shea and Keith Walsh has seen a drop in numbers.


But the beauty insisted they're not stressed, as it's all part of station head Dan Healy's masterplan in the wake of a schedule overhaul.

"Dan has a system in place, a plan, and I'm just lucky to be part of that plan," she said.

"He wanted to burn listeners before we could gain them."

And still bedding in to life on the airwaves, Jen said that she's keen to keep improving.

"We're a new show, we're only five months in and I'm still new to it all, so I just want to get better and improve on what we can do," she said.

"We dropped and the whole station took a hit - it had to do that with all the changes, to grow again," she added.