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the 'bourne identity

The hotel begins a multi-million euro refurbishment of the bedrooms. The builders are given five days to transform eight rooms, which will be inspected by managers Alan Mahoney and Agnes Keogh.

Their approval is not easily won, and 
everybody begins to feel the pressure. 
Meanwhile, JD Flynn and the front-of-house team enjoy a team-building day trip to a 
tree-top obstacle course. Last in the series.

shopping 'til they drop

britain's compulsive shoppers

bbc1, 8pm

Jasmine Harman follows the stories of three people suffering from the destructive, and in many cases secretive, condition of compulsive shopping.

Ebony finds it impossible to ignore a special offer and has filled the house she shares with her sons with her possessions.

Dene has amassed a collection of goods from online auctions so large that it not only fills his own home, but also his friends' houses and 
rented storage units, and the resulting debt is now affecting his marriage.

secrets and lies

the honourable woman

bbc 2, 9pm

The conclusion of the thriller that explored the complex personal and political life of Nessa Stein, a businesswoman who used her company to promote projects for reconciliation between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Political thriller written and directed by Hugo Blick, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Rea and Eve Best.

Last in the series.

hunting for houses

location, location, location

ch4, 8pm

The experts head to east London, where properties often sell in days, at open viewings, and for well over the asking price.

Phil Spencer meets Katy and Victoria, who have been looking for their first home in 
Britain's Walthamstow for almost a year.

Three miles away, in Leytonstone, Kirstie Allsopp helps friends Mike and Jamie decide between space and the commute to work as their top priority.

With more research being done into the link between what we eat and how we feel, the health-food industry is booming, and so-called superfoods are leading the way.

Many people admit to buying such products because they believe they make them feel significantly better - but is this true? Jonathan Maitland (right) investigates whether superfood claims are fact or