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Temp Head

Tactical FPS Red River tries to give us a realistic look at the modern battlefield, but can it succeed amid a field of over-the-top action competition? In 2013, Fireteam Bravo heads out on a mission in Tajikistan to drive back insurgents and avoid a major conflict with the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Red River delivers solid realistic FPS thrills and appropriate moments of tedium and frustration as well. It remains buggy at times but if you're looking for an expansive war sim and a serious challenge you could do far worse. SCORE: 6/10

Portal 2 is fantastic. From the opening moments the world is larger and narrative is much to the fore -- aided by robotic companion Wheatley (voiced by Stephen Merchant).

At times, it feels like we're venturing once more into the world of Half Life -- that's how good it is. Most of the gameplay of Portal involved using your portal gun to solve brain-taxing puzzles by creating worm holes. Open a blue and yellow portal on any suitable surface and you can cross the intervening space. It's a simple mechanic but the possibilities it creates for puzzles are immense, including messing around with momentum, equilibrium and generally bamboozling your brain.

In this sequel, there are different gels which cause you to bounce, accelerate your movement and make portals possible on certain material and the complexity of the puzzles you'll face are often staggering.

But Portal 2 delivers even more, giving you the chance to explore the Aperture Science research centre which gives opportunities for the series' trademark humour.

Want more? After you've finished the seven to eight-hour single player campaign, there's a full and unique co-op mode to play.

It's an incredible evolution from the original and proof, if any was needed, that Valve are leaders in the field of digital entertainment.