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Take it from me, the feuding housewives had their claws out for real

IT was air kisses all round as two of the Dublin Housewives arrived in the Midweek studio to promote the show about their Celtic Tigress lifestyles during the recession.

Only problem was that the air kisses were for me - not each other.

The show's producers presumably chose Viriginia Macari and Danielle Meagher because of the friction between them. More bang for your buck as it were, in television terms. TV gold, if one of them walks out of the studio.

Cameras were on stand-by to capture any Jeremy Kyle-style stormings off. Initially both Danielle and Virginia said how they didn't have a problem with one another, but to describe the atmosphere in the studio as 'tense' is about as understated as the style of the women in each episode. Less Kate Middleton and more, 'More is more is more.'

My phone has been buzzing since with texts such as 'I presume that was all put on for the cameras?' It wasn't. Not a bit.

I could have walked off myself and let them at it. Was this a reality show I was partaking in? Would I have to do a piece to camera revealing our fears of strops and hissy fits before we went to air?

I think Danielle thought she was on a different show: I'm a clinician; get me out of here. The self-confessed Botox junkie said she's more European than Irish. Have we switched continents? I thought I voted in the Fiscal Treaty referendum. She revealed that the other girls had told her that jeans would do for the launch pictures. They then all turned up in glitzy, short dresses. Miiiaaaooowww. The ultimate mean girls' revenge.

At least we all know now what a NIRP is. A non-Irish rugby player. It's what Danielle wants even more than vials of her beloved Botox.

And what went on during that evening in Cork? I couldn't possibly say.

Somewhere Lisa Murphy, Roz Flanagan and Jo Jordan must be smiling. They have come off as perfect ladies, not indulging in hair-pulling on national television. Well, at least not on a chat show.