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Stepson grabbed my millions, says Mickey Rooney

ACTOR Mickey Rooney is suing his stepson and others, claiming that they tricked him into thinking he was on the brink of poverty while defrauding him out of millions and bullying him into continuing to work.

A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court accuses the 90-year-old's stepson Christopher Aber of elder abuse, fraud and other crimes.

The documents claim Mr Aber took control of all Rooney's income, including his Social Security cheques of $12,000 (€8,600) a month. He is also accused of applying for and using credit cards in Rooney's name.

"While Chris instilled fear in Mickey and kept him in poverty, Chris took advantage of his access to Mickey's income," the filing said.

"Chris consistently paid himself a generous salary from Mickey's earnings, took 'advances' on his salary, and spent Mickey's money as if it were his own."

The lawsuit also alleges Mr Aber bullied Rooney into continuing to work by telling him he would lose his house and his medical benefits if he didn't continue to earn an income. Both Rooney and his conservator Michael Augustine are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.


According to the lawsuit, Mr Augustine's services were sought by Rooney in February "to protect his person and estate from fraud."

The lawsuit claims Mr Aber rerouted all of Rooney's mail and took control of his income. Mr Aber is also accused of applying for and using credit cards in Rooney's name and using Rooney's money to finance two Mercedes Benz cars, a Porsche and a €71,000 race car.