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q I'm a 16-year-old girl and my mum doesn't like any of my friends to the point where she can be rude to them. It's embarrassing but she won't listen to me when I bring it up. She thinks they're a bad crowd.

A There's always the possibility your mum's right. But it's more likely to be a generation-gap thing and it's fairly common. A mum often regards a daughter as her best friend. She may well now sense that you are moving away from that relationship. No matter how wonderful your friends might be, she could feel threatened by their influence on you. Don't take it personally and remember she may need some reassurance that she's still an important part of your life.

To deal with the situation, you first need to recognise what it is. It's not a problem with you or your friends. It's not a problem with your behaviour, which is normal for someone of your age. The issues reflect the transition of your relationship with your mum from best friends to something else.