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Small screen holds appeal for Cillian

Hollywood star Cillian Murphy has said he was drawn to TV after watching shows like House of Cards and The Wire.

The Cork native who returns for the second series of BBC2 gangster drama Peaky Blinders revealed that he wants to work in television despite his silver screen success.

"I was watching all of these shows I loved on TV - House of Cards, The Fall, The Wire - and going, 'Wow, I want to be in these'," he said.

"But I wasn't getting sent the scripts. So I emphatically said to my agent: 'I need to do some good television.' And that's when it (Peaky Blinders) came along," he added.

The Dark Knight actor, who recently finished a sold-out run of Enda Walsh's Ballyturk, has also said that he doesn't agree with theatre bosses who agree to screen performances of their productions live.


"If you put a camera on the theatre, it dies," he told Radio Times magazine.

"Similarly with music, I hate all these YouTube clips, it's meant to be ephemeral, in the moment.

"I don't like live-stream theatre. For me, it's two worlds colliding that shouldn't," he said.

Cillian (38) believes that filming stage productions is destroying true theatre.

"Theatre should always be a wide shot. Theatre's close-up is stillness.

"What I love in the theatre, is that I get to act with my body. The idea of someone putting a camera on that - I wouldn't do it," he continued.

Murphy says he chooses what theatre he does carefully as it's not a big pay day like the Hollywood blockbusters.

"You have to do it for love, because it doesn't pay well. So I need to know that the theatre work I do is something I'm going to love, and that the people I'm going on the journey with are people I trust.

"I'm excited by contemporary work, what's pushing the boundaries, what makes people think," he added.

While the dad-of-two is known for his theatre work and has now ventured onto the small screen, he is still a hot commodity in Hollywood.

His next major movie role is his turn in Ron Howard's The Heart of The Sea.

The movie is based on a true story about the inspiration behind Herman Melville's iconic novel Moby Dick.


Cillian will appear in the movie with Hollywood heavyweight Chris Hemsworth and fellow Irish actor and close friend Brendan Gleeson.

The top Irish actor is also rumoured to be up for a role in the currently untitled Tron: Legacy sequel movie and American actress Olivia Wilde is also rumoured to be joining the cast.