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Sky's the limit for Adele's Bond theme

SINGER Adele said she was "hesitant" about recording the theme to the new James Bond film Skyfall.

The 24-year-old teamed up with Paul Epworth, who co-wrote and produced her hit Rolling In The Deep, to write the song which will share the film's title.

She said: "I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for Skyfall. There's a lot of instant spotlight and pressure when it comes to a Bond song.

"But I fell in love with the script and Paul had some great ideas for the track and it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer to do it in the end.

"It was also a lot of fun writing to a brief, something I've never done, which made it exciting. When we recorded the strings it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

The mum-to-be added: "I'll be backcombing my hair when I'm 60 telling people I was a Bond girl back in the day, I'm sure."

The track, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with a 77-piece orchestra, will get its first play on the singer's website on Friday.

The latest Bond installment, starring 44-year-old Daniel Craig as the 007 hero, is set to be given its premiere on October 26.

Adele follows Jack White and Alicia Keys, who provided the theme to Quantum Of Solace, while Chris Cornell voiced Craig's first Bond performance, Casino Royale.