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Sinitta leaves gang hungry in jungle flop

SQUEAMISH Sinitta failed again to win meals for her campmates on I'm A Celebrity because of her fear of creepy crawlies.

The 80s singer managed to retrieve only two stars after she was lowered in an elevator into a pit filled with water in the latest bushtucker trial.

Having been picked to undergo another ordeal, she said she hoped people were choosing her to help her face her fears. But she said that "some of my friends are voting for a laugh -- let's make Sinitta suffer".

She claimed that the camp had been supportive of her as she attempted to win 12 stars for dinner. "I've got to try and do something. It's actually worse than I imagine," she told Ant and Dec.

In her trial she was locked in an elevator which descended underground into a pit filled with water. On the walls of the pit were eight holes, each containing at least one star -- but guarded by a variety of jungle creatures.

She entered the cage and hummed to herself to keep calm as it was lowered into the water tank. Standing shoulder deep in the water, she shrieked as she released the lid from the first hole. She constantly shouted to Ant and Dec for reassurance but eventually retrieved a star.

She went on to the second box and asked what was in it. When the presenters told her it was snakes, she squealed and refused to put her hand in, turning to her third box.

Sinitta put her hand inside the box and retrieved one star.

Something brushed against her hand and that was enough for Sinitta as she shouted "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" and ended the trial.