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Short and Sweet: the Tweet recipes that are causing a stir for charity

TWEETS are good for many things -- telling jokes, trading insults and bite-sized chunks of information. But considering their concise nature -- 140 characters or less -- recipes are the last thing that you'd expect to find in the tweetersphere.

A new book Tweet Treats (O'Brien Press, €7.99) is one of the world's shortest cookbooks, containing more than 1,000 recipes, all of which are composed using less than 140 characters. With all royalties from the book going to Medecins sans Frontieres, there was no shortage of celebrities (140 no less) willing to lend a hand --with Dara O Briain, The Script, Alan Carr, Ryan Tubridy and Paula Abdul just some of the famous faces involved.

Tweet Treats range from the inspired, "Frozen grapes" (Arlene Hunt, Strictly Come Dancing judge), to the lazy "Order Take-out" (Graham Linehan, comedy writer) and here are the most -- and least -- imaginative:


Mock the Wok

Remove packaging, pierce film lid. Heat at 180c for 25 mins. Works for lasagne, sheperd's pie, beef stew etc.


Easy Cookies

Mix 56g caster sugar, 112g soft butter & 170g flour. Roll 5mm thick, cut into shapes. Bake 180c till light golden.


Warm Artichoke Salad

Take artichoke, strip outer green & hair off. Cut in 4, fry in olive oil (OO) till brown. Put in lettuce, sprinkle w OO & parmesan.


Ryan's Ready Treat

Ok, take one slice of HB ice cream, two fresh wafers & nothing else. Please ice cream between the wafers. Et voila!


Biscuit Cake

2 pkts digestive bisc, 55g sugar, 115g butter, 2tbsp cocoa. Mix crushed bics in melted butter with sugar & coca. Put in tin, cover w melted choc.


Brekkie Bagel

Whip egg in small bowl, thinly slice ham & tomato, add to the egg. Stick in microwave for 2 mins, put it between bagel halves.