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Shoes In The City

Fashion designer Aideen Bodkin reveals who rules her life and her drink allergy to Emma Blain

Cooking: Richard Corrigan or ready-made? Richard. I'm a vegetarian, so I have to be able to cook.

Wardrobe: Penneys or Prada? Prada. I wear quite a lot of my own designs and because a lot of them are quite dressy, I would dress them down with jeans. But I'd wear high street, too. It doesn't matter where it comes from, as long as you like it.

Fashion: victim or setter? I'm a trend-setter ... well, I would hope so, anyway.

Shopping: twice a season or twice a week? I shop in bulk at least twice a season, particularly when it comes to shoes. I have a whole wardrobe full of shoes.

Holidays: discover Ireland or the world? I was brought up discovering Ireland, as my parents have a boat on the Shannon. With work, I get to travel a fair bit around the world.

Drink: Guinness or Grey Goose? I'm allergic to Guinness.

Friends: quantity or quality? Quality. I've had my friends for years.

Weekends: down the local or cruising Krystle? I'm very quiet, so I wouldn't do either.

Beauty regime: one minute or one hour? One minute. I don't usually wear much make-up.

Money: rainy day or live for today? Rainy day. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow.

Property: smell the sea or see the smog? I'm a city person. I'd last two minutes in the country with all my shoes.

Pets: dog devotee or cat crusader? My dog Otto -- a miniature schnauzer -- rules my life.

Health: alternative or aspirin? I believe in not taking anything if you can get away with it.

Location: Northside notable or Southside star? I'm a Northsider, from Castleknock, and now I live off the North Circular Road. I haven't crossed the Liffey yet.

Technology: techno-savvy or -phobe? Savvy, but I'm very tactile when it comes to designing. I don't use the computer when I'm designing.

Reading: chick-lit or not in a fit? Not in a fit. I like modern fiction.

On your iPod: Beyoncé or Bach? I have lots of indie rock.

Irish designer Aideen Bodkin is one of the judges for this year's Nokia Young Fashion Designer Award. The Award exhibition takes place in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre until Sunday, from 10am daily, apart from Sunday (noon). Admission is free