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'She's my ex, but I'm looking forward to working with her in new series' - McSavage

RTE comedian Dave McSavage has revealed that ex-girlfriend Fiona O'Shaughnessy is to be one of the stars of his new Savage Eye series.

The leading lady of the Gate Theatre and the TV satirist split last year after actress Fiona moved to the UK to star in hit Channel 4 drama Utopia.

However, along with romantic dinners and cycling trips, the couple penned a number of sketches during their time together, which will feature strongly in the fourth series of The Savage Eye.

"I still love and admire Fiona. She's been doing really well in England, so I am really looking forward to working with her again," Dave told the Herald.

Fiona (33), who won acclaim for a series of stage roles before moving into TV, will play a faith healer offering therapy to a patient played by McSavage in the comedy.

"I start each sketch adamant I don't need therapy, but quickly crack up. It's funny, but makes light of Irish people repeatedly telling everyone they're 'fine' where so many of them need therapy," he said.


The Savage Eye's next six-part series sees him travel the globe to talk about sex, death and war.

For one set of vox pops, the 46-year-old needed four bodyguards to keep him safe on the streets of Nairobi. "One of the bodyguards had a gun, which we didn't need as the Kenyans were all lovely," he said.

Dave McSavage plays Vicar Street on June 29.