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Sarah models lingerie - just a month after birth

Sarah McGovern has gone back to work, just four weeks after having her first baby - to model lingerie.

The AR model welcomed her first son Jude into the world just a month ago but last night the Dublin beauty headed back to work.

Sarah (30) filmed a clothing segment for tonight's episode of Xpose and told the Diary she was happy to be back working again.

"Xpose were looking for a model who was pregnant or post-pregnant and they asked me. They said I could bring Jude, so I said yes.

"I thought it was for maternity clothes but when I got their I realised it was for Mothercare lingerie.

"It felt a bit weird, I had no confidence at all, I really have a muffin top and I said please don't show my legs," she laughed.

But the model revealed that she is not sure if she's ready to get back to work full-time just yet. Sarah says she's hoping she can spend more time with her baby.

"We'll see how it goes, right now it's okay, if I could do a few more small jobs like Xpose then that would be great. Things will get harder as he gets older, but I'll face that when it comes.

"Andrea Roche has been great, she's working things out with clients so I could plan for a babysitter or bring him with me. As long as people want me, I will work, I really do love my job," she said.


Sarah (30) says she's putting her regular gym sessions on hold until she has recovered from the 12-hour labour.

After working out three days a week with her personal trainer up until the birth, the Dublin model says giving birth was much easier

"Working out beforehand really did help. I was swimming, doing yoga and weight training up until a few days before the birth. Even my husband Kenny said that my training had really paid off. I really had the stamina to get through it, it was a 12-hour labour and I didn't ask for the epidural, I just kept working through it the whole time," she explained.

But the leggy model insisted she won't be hitting the gym anytime soon. Sarah says she wants to take it easy before starting her fitness sessions again.

"I won't be rushing back to the gym now. I'm still healing so I have to take it easy. I will probably wait about six to eight weeks and then try to tone up my body again," she said.

"But I am losing some weight naturally which is great."

Meanwhile, Sarah admitted that she is "barely sleeping" at the moment but said it's worth it to spend time with her new baby boy.

"I am barely sleeping right now. I have so many visitors during the day too so I've no time to take a rest. But it's all worth it because I am just so in love," she said.