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Samantha knew she was going to be a mum

singer Samantha Mumba has revealed that she knew, on the night, that she had conceived her first child.

The 31-year-old Dubliner is expecting her first baby with husband Torray Scales and has opened up about her cravings and her plans for a natural birth.

"The night we conceived we just knew. I even bought a pregnancy test just to have on hand in case," she said.

Now in her third trimester the singer-turned-actress, who is expecting a girl, is "embarrassed" about her reluctance to have children and give up the perks of a childfree life.

Last-minute trips to Vegas and Happy Hour on Tuesdays if they felt like it were among the things that she felt they would be giving up.

However, she pointed out, "fate intervened".

When morning sickness hit only traditional Irish treats could ease her symptoms.

"The only thing that made me feel better were Irish sausage sandwiches, chipper chips, Meanies, Cadburys Golden Crisp and Club Lemon," she confessed.

However, hitting the gym has allowed her to escape the worst side effects.

As the countdown continues to the arrival, the star is keeping any hint of what baby Mumba might be called under wraps.