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Ruth is in demand as she bags two film roles

ACTRESS Ruth Bradley could soon contemplate a permanent return to Ireland, after bagging a second film role this side of the Atlantic.

The Love/Hate star is based in California, but is lining up roles closer to Ireland in recent weeks.

The 27-year-old landed a lead part in Pursuit alongside Brendan Gleeson and Liam Cunningham last month, and now Ruth is set to appear in forthcoming horror flick, Its Walls Were Blood.

The film will be shot later this year. Starring opposite Ruth are Steve Oram, from Sightseers, and Edward Hogg, from Anonymous.

The movie follows four connected stories set throughout a haunted house's history, from the 19th century to today.

The cast and crew are expected on set in October.


Ruth came to prominence as Mary, the fiesty sister of on-screen heartthrob Darren Treacy played by Robert Sheehan, in the gangland hit Love/Hate.

She left the RTE drama after the second season to take on the US.

The blonde beauty flew back to Dublin in July to start production on contemporary action film Pursuit, directed by Paul Mercier.

With another project due to kick off in Europe, sources are speculating that the actress, a close pal of Amy Huberman, will move home for good.

"Ruth has been abroad a lot the last couple of years and she's really built up strong credits, but this could encourage her to come back," an insider told the Herald.

The starlet won widespread praise, as well as a Best Actress IFTA, for her portrayal in the movie Grabbers and featured in the silver screen adaptation of John Banville's Booker prize-winning novel The Sea.

Ruth is no stranger to American TV either, having played the protagonist in US science fiction show Horizon, appeared in ABC's pilot Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed a starring role in Disney's Big Thunder.