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Russell Crowe chased me in corridor - Lisa

IT'S not every day Russell Crowe chases you down a hotel corridor. But that's exactly what happened to Xpose host Lisa Cannon (33).

The TV3 presenter was left flushed and bemused when Gladiator star Russell ran after her with a present for her rugby-playing boyfriend Richard Keatley.

"It was surreal," she told the Diary. "I heard him sprinting down the corridor. I turned around and he handed me a South Sydney Rabbitohs baseball cap and said 'This is for Richard'."

Lisa was over in London interviewing Russell about new Superman movie, Man Of Steel. But soon the two were shooting the breeze about rugby and the Lions tour.

"I knew he was a big rugby fan and we chatted about the Lions and I mentioned Richard played rugby for Wales – Russell was really impressed.

"He follows rugby and knew who Richard was. Russell loves Irish rugby."

And if that wasn't enough, when Lisa flew home from London she was sitting next to none other than Mary McAleese. Unfortunately, the former president of Ireland had no gifts for Lisa or Richard. Still, one out of two ain't bad.