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Rugby WAGS finally ready for departure

OUR Irish rugby WAGS have answered Ireland's Call and are jetting out to New Zealand for the World Cup.

Amy Huberman and model Aoife Cogan were amongst the wives and girlfriends who are this evening winging their way to the other side of the world just as the World Cup begins to get interesting.

Ireland needs to beat Italy on Sunday to ensure a place in the quarter finals.

The majority of the women have not seen their other halves for a month -- and are looking forward to the reunion.

The group departed from Dublin Airport yesterday afternoon in the first leg of their gruelling journey.

Aoife, who is engaged to Ireland's centre Gordon D'Arcy, revealed that the couple have set their wedding date as July 6 next year, and the wedding reception will be held in Castle Leslie estate in Monaghan.

"I'm really excited about it. We've booked our venue and that's all we've done so far. I'm waiting until Gordon gets home and then we can start planning all the rest," she said.

Meanwhile, Amy said she's taking a hard-earned break from promoting her new comedy series Threesome to support her husband, captain Brian O'Driscoll and his team.

She said: "We're just checked in now and starting the epic journey. It feels like it'll take forever until we'll get to Dunedin. It'll be Saturday evening when we arrive, I can't wait.

"We're all really excited. We want to leave the guys alone and let them enjoy it, so we'll do something in the meantime. We're going to go to the game, we'll probably be jet-lagged to the hilt and think it's a cricket game but we're going to be there anyway.

"The plan is to go out and support the team. They'll all be in camp between matches so if they do get through we'll take a bit of time to see the rest of New Zealand."

Leo Cullen's new wife Dairine said the girls don't know what to expect when they arrive, but they'll just be delighted to see their other halves. It's been a month since I've seen him. I think he's just so delighted to be there and his parents are over there as well," she added.