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RTE host Claire reveals a 'happy surprise' as she's pregnant again


Glowing: Claire is to double the number in her brood. Photo: Collins

Glowing: Claire is to double the number in her brood. Photo: Collins

Glowing: Claire is to double the number in her brood. Photo: Collins

RTE's CLAIRE Byrne (38) has confirmed she's expecting a second baby, describing it as a "happy surprise".

Her first child with fiancé Gerry Scollan was only born last October but she's already gearing up to welcome a second arrival this autumn.

That means the Prime Time presenter will have to look after two babies under the age of two as she gets to grips with motherhood.

She admitted it was "going to be a bit of a challenge" as her and Gerry adjusted to life with two babies.

Claire said her six-month-old Patrick was a "very mellow baby" and said his new brother or sister would be "a bit of company" for him.


Saying she hadn't put any great thought into adding to their family, she said: "I'll be 39 this summer so I've not an endless amount of time. Gerry would have 10 children if he could. I never plan anything and I don't prepare with military precision. I grew up in a family of six children but I'm not saying I'm going to have six."

The self-employed presenter returned to work on RTE's flagship programme just ten weeks after she gave birth the first time.

She now plans to take a similarly short maternity leave for baby number two.

"I took two weeks off before he was born and 10 weeks afterwards. You can never predict how it will go. If everything goes well the intention is after 12 weeks off I'll go back," she continued.

As well as co-hosting two Prime Time shows with Miriam O'Callaghan every week, she also fronts a Morning Ireland programme and her Saturday radio show.

She said she often works longer hours on certain days in order to take other days off.

The happy couple have decided not to find out the sex of their new baby in advance.

"I don't care in the least if it is a boy or girl. The only thing I'll say is that when I'm buying clothes for boys I'll gravitate towards the pink dresses," she joked.


Claire and Gerry got engaged in March 2013 following a whirlwind romance of a year.

The presenter recently revealed how Microsoft exec Gerry proposed while doing the dishes.

"I should make up a really romantic story. He was loading the dishes and said: 'Will we get married so?' And I said to him, 'Are you proposing?' He said yes. And I said, 'Yes I will!' And that was it," she said.