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RTE Eurovision cuts hit Jedward and DJ Larry

RTE Eurovision cutbacks have seen Jedward's wardrobe budget cut in half and RTE's Larry Gogan grounded from travelling to the finals. The chart-topping twins revealed they had designed 14 different spectacular outfits to ensure a show-stopping performance at the contest in Azerbaijan next month.

John and Edward Grimes (20) told the Herald: "We're going to go all out to make sure they look amazing. We want some LED lights put in them and have see-through trainers with maybe some fish in the soles.

"We're going to look awesome, it's what our fans expect of us."

However, they may have to settle for just bringing seven outfits. "We wanted to have 14 outfits for the contest as we want to look our best ever but we were told it would be too expensive so we'll have to get seven instead," said John.

Meanwhile, veteran Eurovision star Larry Gogan will not be attending the competition this year, as RTE bosses attempt to scale back the numbers heading to Baku.

DJ Larry, who has been among the team since 1983 and traditionally provides the radio commentary, said: "I will miss it alright. Eurovision was always great fun but they have no money in RTE, and are trying to keep costs down. I don't mind. In fact, I understand totally, and I haven't been pushing to try and go," he said.

Only 16 members of the Irish branch of the Eurovision Supporters club will travel to Baku next month to support Jedward, as a result of expensive flights, hotels and ticket prices.

This is a dramatic drop from the 500 supporters who made the trip to Dusseldorf last year.

Larry has insisted he will still tune in to see the action.

"I've seen all seven Irish wins at Eurovision and I think Jedward could go all the way because they're known all over Europe. Everybody likes them," he said.

There's just one month left before the boys fly off to the competition, which kicks off with the first semi-final on May 22 in Baku.

The twins, who will reunite with their pal Tara Reid at tonight's American Pie 2 premiere, will spend two weeks in Azerbaijan for their second Eurovision bid.

Meanwhile, RTE broadcaster Derek Mooney has hit out at Britain's choice of entry, Engelbert Humperdinck, and said he won't stand a chance against Jedward.

"I don't think the United Kingdom don't stand a hope in hell. I think it's a huge mistake putting Engelbert in. He's going to be 76 when the competition is on," he told the Herald.