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Rolf's breakdown on Late Late just 'crocodile tears' - Gaybo


Rolf Harris. Photo: PA

Rolf Harris. Photo: PA

Rolf Harris. Photo: PA

RTE stalwart Gay Byrne said he now believes Rolf Harris's emotional breakdown on the Late Late Show was nothing more than crocodile tears.

The presenter has been reflecting on his illustrious career ahead of his 80th birthday next week.

One of the guests to appear on the programme down through the decades was the now disgraced television personality Rolf Harris.

Harris (84) was unanimously found guilty of molesting four girls and sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for the offences.

The legendary broadcaster spoke about his abiding memory of the convicted paedophile when he hit headlines after a performance on the Late Late Show in the 60s.

"Oddly enough the only thing I remember about Rolf Harris apart from him being everybody's favourite uncle was the time he was on The Late Late Show in connection with his big hit Two Little Boys," he said on RTE Radio One yesterday.

"The previous item that night on the show was about the North and the latest atrocity, some awful explosion, and he was quite upset listening to this."

Byrne described how those working in Irish television at the time had become "inured" to the horrors in the North whereas the bombing appeared to have a profound effect on the singer in comparison.

"He came and did the interview and then he went to sing his song and he broke down sobbing uncontrollably in the middle," he said.

"He was completely overwhelmed with the sorrow of the article before."

Although Gay said he took the performer at face value, he recounted not everyone was taken in by the theatrics.

"Our director Adrian Cronin, who is no longer with us, went to his grave insisting that Rolf Harris was acting and was deliberately trying to get publicity," Gay said.