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Rock star Huey's heartache at selling off his Dublin pubs

NEW York rock band Fun Lovin' Criminals have told of their heartache at having to sell their interests in some of Dublin's most iconic pubs.

FLC have been regular visitors to the fair city and once had stakes in city centre pubs the Dice Bar, on Benburb Street, Voodoo, on the north quays, and Carnival.

They were also involved in pizza parlour DiFontaine's in Temple Bar.

Frontman Huey Lewis told the Herald that quitting the businesses had been a difficult experience for them all.

"We were part of Dice and Voodoo and Carnival," Huey said. "They were wild days."

Huey said the "bad economy" was the reason for dumping their Dublin business interests.

"It was a shame you know. And it still is a shame the way the IMF don't care about the people. It's a real shame."

The boys also founded Temple Bar Pizza diner DiFontaine's, and while they no longer fully own it, they still call in for a slice whenever they're in town.

"We still have a finger in that pie," Frank said. "And we get a free slice whenever we go in."

The band are back in Dublin this week for Arthur's Day -- and are only too happy to be here.

"It's great to be back over in Dublin," he singer told the Herald. "We try to get back as much as we can. Dublin's like Bangkok though -- it can swallow you up."

However, as the band members are that bit older, they say they will be taking it easier throughout the festivities this evening. New dad Huey says he will be the sensible one.

"I'll be the designated watcher tonight. I'll be watching the boys having fun while I drink a watered-down pint. I can't drink like I did when I was 20. I can't drink like I did when I was 40 anymore," the New Yorker joked.


And drummer Frank Benbini agreed -- but as he shares the same birthday with Arthur Guinness, he'll be letting his hair down.

"I don't think we'll be hitting the tiles, I think the tiles will be hitting us. Hard," joked Frank.

BBC DJ Huey certainly has his hands full these days, with a baby, his radio shows and a new record coming out.

He's also in the middle of opening up his very own tattoo parlour off Portabello Road in London.

"There's a Miami Ink and a New York Ink, so I'm thinking of doing a London version."