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Rex, clean up your act, jokes Lottie

LOTTIE RYAN wants younger brother Rex to ditch the bad boy roles and go for a more clean-cut image.

The son of late broadcaster Gerry Ryan, Rex first caught our eye when he locked lips with Roz Purcell in This Club's music video Up. And now he has just penned a stage play called The Park.

The dark and gritty play will be staged in Smock Alley Theatre next week, with Rex in the lead role. And Lottie says it's not for the easily offended, adding: "There is violence and really coarse language. It's very intense. It's not the kind of thing you want to hear your younger brother talking about, to be honest.

"I saw a read-through and thought 'OK last time I saw you act you were in the video with Roz, 90pc naked and making out. And now you have a foul mouth on you,'" she laughed. "It's all just too much information. I'm like 'can you do something more clean cut?'"

Rex has been studying at the Gaiety School of Acting for the past three years. Lottie says she's proud of him but thinks older members of the Ryan clan will give the performance a miss.

"I don't think we'll bring our Nana to it," she laughed. "But I'm so proud. He's always been an over the top person so it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to see him on stage. He's great."

The Park is billed as "a tale of friendship, culture, family, anger, heroism".

And Rex said he enjoyed his first foray into writing: "It's your voice. You're presenting something you feel really strongly about."

And Lottie has big plans for 2013. "I'm working with Colm Hayes [on 2fm] and have several projects in the pipeline that I've all my fingers and toes crossed for."

Lottie was talking at the launch of IPPA Happy Faces in aid of the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation.