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Reasons every wardrobe needs a mac

1mac is short for mackintosh, a garment which is traditionally defined as "a waterproof raincoat made of rubberised fabric". Yet today a 'mac' can be any coat which is a hybrid of a raincoat and a trench coat, and at this time of the year they appear in shops with a vengeance.

2why? because a mac offers stylish protection against the elements -- otherwise known as the Irish weather. Well, against the rain and wind which traditionally bring us from the stormy gales of the winter to the calmer rain showers of spring.

3these clever coats offer elegant coverage without being frumpy or too wintry, and they are perfect for that time of the year when it's hard to know what to wear at the best of times.

4a mac is a versatile piece of clothing and most definitely an item which fits into the 'transient' category -- that is it can take us from one season to another with ease. It's March and it's cold out and you decide you need to wear a jumper. You put a mac over it and you're instantly stylish and in-season and can't help but have a little extra spring in your step.

5 macs have a one-style-fits-all vibe about them. They can go below or above the knee, can have large lapels or small ones, and a big or small belt. There isn't a colour that a mac hasn't been manufactured in -- raspberry and mint green are set to be hot colours for this spring -- and floral designs can fast forward us to summer. In other words, there's a mac for everyone.