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Gerry Ryan. Niall Carson/PA Wire

Gerry Ryan. Niall Carson/PA Wire

Gerry Ryan. Niall Carson/PA Wire

The broadcaster on his peers

I feel sorry for Tubridy because I think he was put in an impossible position. He had created a successful breakfast show on 2fm for a couple of years, and in the limited mind of the corporation, that seemed to mean, "Oh, there's a success, one of few, so he's now the presenter of the Late Late and he's going to be on Radio 1 and we're going to do all of this with him."

He's hoofed off to Radio 1 with a different show and then back to 2fm with another different show. It's huge pressure, but it's also so sudden. They don't know what they're doing around him. They don't know what he is supposed to be. And it's like, leave him alone or put him on at midnight and let him work out what he wants to do first.


There was definitely a communication issue between us and Today FM from day one. It was like, "Alright guys, we're prepared to give you this slot, don't f*** it up and if you're a success we'll leave it on," and that's exactly what happened.

But there was always a kind of a "Is this a good idea or not?" vibe. So when we came to 98FM, they were only hiring us because they got it.


Gerry Ryan (left), definitely. He was the only other person in my line of work who took the three hours and said, "I don't care if you hate me or you love me, I'm just going to give it to you and you can listen or not – that's your choice." You wouldn't hear Gerry Ryan begging for texts from listeners.

I admire Ian Dempsey, actually. Working on breakfast has made me appreciate him a lot more. I hugely admire Matt Cooper for different reasons, he's brilliant at what he does.

And Marian Finucane, my God, I'm such a Marian Finucane listener it's ridiculous. I get disappointed if I turn it on and someone else is filling in for her.


I think it's a misconception that you stop having sex when you settle down. Maybe I'm saying too much, but in my experience, it's not actually true. However, one thing that does impede your love life are the early hours and when you're constantly tired.